Hi my name is Susie, I am a self taught digital artist with no formal training other than the love and passion I have for art. I knew from grade school that I loved art. Just learning about the different styles, took me on a journey into the world of Contemporary Art. Which encompasses many styles, but my favorites are Modern, Abstract, Pop Art, Fantasy, Graffiti and Photo-realism, which are my desirable themes as well. As a result and a battle with my own demons of insecurity, I have grown to be stronger and overcome many obstacles, trials and tribulations to be welcomed and loved by the NFT Community. Embraced fully and accepted for who I am, I will always be grateful for all the support I have been shown by so many great artist. I am humbled and will never forget it and I reciprocate it and pay it forward as much as I can on a daily basis. My mission and strength comes from my little sister Rachel, she is on the spectrum and I am currently her caretaker. It can be very challenging at times but more so inspiring, as she is my biggest fan and supporter of them all.

My mediums mainly consist of mixed media and digital art, created with various computer software and applications. However I do have a love for physical painting with oil and watercolor. Due to our advancements with graphics, animation tools and generative A.I. the influence and inspirations are limitless and these are the techniques that I use. This is a new age and a new world, it is an amazing time for new aspiring artist like myself.

My inspirations come from my love of fantasy and horror movies. My studies of the occult, history, mythology and paranormal activities throughout my life have been at the forefront inspiring my art. Most of my art is revealed to me in my dreams, I take note in my journal and when I awake with the vision, I try to recreate them artistically. My goal for each piece is to make it aesthetically pleasing, so that the viewer can appreciate the sense of beauty, shock and awe of personal occurrences and tragedy witnessed in real life.

My influences as artists are Georgia O’Keefe, Helen Frankenthaler, Mary Cassatt and Leonardo Da Vinci. What I admire the most of Da Vinci was that he was more than an artist; he was an engineer, theorist, scientist, sculptor and an architect. I am neither of these, however I have passion and respect for all of these.

I maybe only 25 years old but I am learning and growing everyday in this journey of mine, and I invite you all to bask in it together with me!